Website Redesign and Business Application for Driving School


A website redesign and custom business application to increase user-friendliness and save money

Home page screenshot of Advanced Driving Academy's new website Home page screenshot of Advanced Driving Academy's new business application

About Advanced Driving Academy

Advanced Driving Academy was started in 1996 by retired police officer Leonard Schemanske. He had a passion for teaching and wanted to apply the applicable knowledge he had gained while on the force, to driver's education. Fast forward to 2019 and ADA educates thousands of teenagers and adults every year. They offer services such as segment 1 & 2 classes, private drive lessons, and road tests. The team at Advanced Driving Academy is top notch; unfortunately, the same could not be said about the technologies they were utilizing.


  • Made website mobile friendly and boosted SEO
  • Increased website performance and reduced page load time from 10+ seconds on some pages to sub 2 seconds
  • Created business application to increase work-place productivity and reduce time it takes to complete tasks
  • Saved business thousands by automating population of state mandated pdf forms that were previously being filled out by hand

Project Overview

The initial goal of this project was to redesign ADA's website. The website was not responsive (mobile friendly), had broken links, many grammatical errors, and broken pages. On top of that, the page load times were horrendous and people were unable to sign up for classes and drives online. This forced customers to call ADA to schedule their classes and drives. With the signup process taking an average of 10 minutes over the phone, receptionists at ADA were on the phone for most of the day, preventing them from getting other important work done.

We helped redesign the website with Max Pelic, a local developer also contracted by ADA. After our redesign was live, the number of phone calls drastically decreased, saving the business time and money. Additionally, by making the website mobile friendly and optimizing performance, we gave ADA a large SEO boost.

In addition to redesigning ADA's website, we also created a custom business application for them. This business application allowed them to do a multitude of things, from user creation and product signup; to instructor, class, and drive scheduling. One of the most important features we added, however, was the form completion functionality. As a driving school, ADA is required by the state of Michigan to send a variety of forms and contracts to the Secretary of State for each student. Before we created this business application, ADA receptionsists were filling these forms out by hand (even though all the class and student information was already stored electronically). With the application, now receptionists simply have to click a button and the forms are automatically filled out with the appropriate information and printed. By automating the population of these forms, we have saved ADA thousands of dollars and eradicated the consistent duplication of work.

Our partnership with ADA is ongoing and we continue to develop software products for them to improve their business. When building the business application, we developed a REST API that serves any electronically stored ADA information that is requested. Creating the API enabled us to quickly build other applications to support their business. We are currently working on an array of monitors throughout their main office that assist with the customer signup process and display important company information; all while retrieving class and student information from our REST API in realtime! Future products include a mobile web application for employees to view their drive schedule and receive alerts for any changes, a custom payroll system, and a micro-service that tracks company car data and informs administrators when they need maintenance or attention.

Custom Website Overview

Technologies utilized: HTML5, CSS3, JS, PHP, MySQL
Third party API integrations: PayPal
Features: Responsive design, on-page search engine optimization
Font: Fjalla One, Roboto

Color palette:

Custom Business Application Overview

Technologies utilized: HTML5, CSS3, JS, PHP, MySQL
API integrations: Custom REST API
Features: Responsive design, drag-and-drop scheduling, form automation
Font: Poppins

Color palette:

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