Custom Ecommerce Website and Logo for Candle Company

Michigan Pure Soy Candles

A custom ecommerce website built to increase awareness of their eco-friendly products and their new brand

About Michigan Pure Soy Candles

Michigan Pure Soy Candles is a Michigan based candle company that was started in 2015. They specialize in 10oz and 16oz soy candles, with Michigan themed scents.

For three years, they sold their products to friends, family, and coworkers; not having a way to reach anyone else.


  • Created custom e-commerce platform to sell products
  • Created brand identity and new logo
  • Designed banner, business cards, and flyers to assist with print marketing

Project Overview

The goal of this project was to make Michigan Pure Soy Candle products attainable by anyone. We created a fully custom ecommerce website for them to promote their products. We focused heavily on on-page search engine optimization and keyword optimization to help Michigan Pure Soy Candles rank higher. This would result in more people finding their products and hopefully falling in love with them.

Aside from creating a custom website for Michigan Pure Soy Candles, we also worked with them on branding. We created a company logo, new labels for their candles, and set up all their social media accounts.

Custom Website Overview

Technologies utilized: HTML5, CSS3, JS, PHP, MySQL
Third party integrations: Stripe payment checkout
Features: Cart functionality, Stripe checkout, responsive design, product review functionality
Font: poppins

Color palette:

Branding Overview

Features: logo design, candle label design, social media creation