Custom Web Design for Established HVAC Company

TCS Michigan

A custom website built to facilitate leads and integrate with their marketing efforts

Screenshot of a landing page from TCS Michigan's brand new, custom website.

About TCS Michigan

TCS Michigan is an HVAC company located in Southeast, Michigan. They specialize in providing professional commercial and residential solutions for HVAC, construction, and electrical projects. TCS Michigan considers their success to be a direct result of their dedication to customer service.

Having solidified their regional and national presence as a leader in commercial HVAC services, TCS Michigan decided to expand their services and branch out into the residential HVAC market. Additionally, they wanted to officially offer residential and commercial electrical and construction services as well. Their existing website was clean and responsive, but it was not organized well and did not include information on the new services they wanted to offer.


  • Designed and developed a modern, organized HVAC website
  • Made website mobile friendly and optimized performance, boosting the site's SEO
  • Worked closely and coordinated with International Minute Press to cater website to digital and print marketing efforts
  • Installed Google Analytics to assist with marketing efforts and enable real-time traffic tracking

Project Overview

TCS Michigan's website looked polished, but the information and services were not organized in an intuitive and easy to digest way. Additionally, their website was not providing them with any consistent new leads. After talking with the owner and learning more about the direction he wanted TCS Michigan to go, we determined that they were a number of things we would be focusing on with the new website: clean website layout and organization, numerous and consistent call-to-actions to help increase conversions, and adding new service pages to highlight the new services they were offering.

In addition, to creating a brand new website for TCS Michigan, we also worked closely with International Minute Press to set up several landing pages that coordinated directly with the marketing campaigns they were running for the new services they are offering.

Custom Website Overview

Technologies utilized: HTML5, CSS3, JS, PHP, MySQL
Third party API integrations: Google Analytics
Features: Responsive design, on-page search engine optimization
Font: Lato

Color palette:

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