Custom Website & Applicant Dashboard for Property Management Company

We worked with SPMD Properties to create a custom website and administrative portal for their property management company. The website allows users to browse properties available to rent and features secure document upload (in the rental application), Stripe API integration for application fee payment processing, and Google Maps API to display property locations and surrounding landmarks. On the administrative side, we integrated with TazWorks API to run background and credit checks on applicants through Equifax, and created a custom dashboard and login portal to house the functionality.

Screenshot of SPMD Properties home page

Project Overview

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  • Branding
  • Custom Website
  • Custom Software
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  • 6 months
  • Ongoing hosting and maintenance support
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  • Automated applicant background check
  • Automated applicant credit check
  • Implemented applicant rental form
  • Established company branding and online presence


Establishing Brand Identity

As a new entrant in the property management industry, SPMD Properties lacked a distinct brand identity. The primary objective was to develop a strong, recognizable brand, starting with creating a unique logo that would resonate with their target market.

Building an Online Presence

Essential for their business growth was establishing an online presence. This included designing and developing a professional website to showcase available rental properties, enhancing their visibility and accessibility to potential clients.

Streamlining Rental Applications

SPMD Properties needed an efficient online system for property applications. The goal was to create a user-friendly interface on their website, enabling prospective tenants to submit detailed rental applications seamlessly.

Developing an Administrative Dashboard

A custom administrative dashboard was required for efficiently managing and reviewing applications. This tool aimed to simplify the property managers' workflow by organizing applications by property and streamlining the review process.

Automating Background and Credit Checks

To ensure reliable tenant screening, automating background and credit checks was crucial. Integrating this feature would aid in thoroughly evaluating applicants, ensuring a higher quality of tenant selection.

Integrating Payment Processing

To cover the costs of background and credit checks, a payment processing system was necessary. This integration was aimed at facilitating application fee payments, making the process convenient for applicants and cost-effective for SPMD Properties.

Screenshot of SPMD Properties' administrative portal

Client Testimonial

" I'm highly pleased with our continuous engagement "

Mike D.
Owner & Co-Founder, SPMD Properties


Solutions & Implementation

Branding and Website Design

Our design team collaborated closely with SPMD Properties to create a unique brand identity, including a logo that reflects their ethos. The website was designed with a focus on the target audience and the company's goals, ensuring it was not only visually appealing but also functional and user-friendly.

Custom Development of Website and Dashboard

The development team built the website and administrative dashboard from scratch. This approach ensured enhanced security, optimal performance, and better SEO for the website. The focus was also on creating an intuitive user experience for both tenants and administrators.

Integration of Payment and Mapping APIs

For processing application fees, we integrated Stripe's API, offering a secure and straightforward payment experience. Google Maps API was utilized to display properties and their surroundings on the website, adding a dynamic and informative aspect to property listings.

Background and Credit Check Functionality

To facilitate tenant screening, we integrated TazWorks API for running background and credit checks through Equifax. This feature was incorporated into the custom administrative dashboard, providing a centralized and efficient system for managing applicant evaluations.

Screenshot of SPMD Properties properties page

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