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Employee Onboarding Automation & Custom Website for In-Home Healthcare Company

In our partnership with Maka, we set out to digitize and streamline their employee onboarding and management processes. This involved developing a comprehensive web application for managing onboarding, annual forms, and employee documentation, along with a redesigned website. The new site not only clearly communicated Maka's services but also included an integrated job application feature. The project significantly improved operational efficiency, enhanced the recruitment process, and provided a user-friendly platform for both employees and management.

Screenshot of Maka's hiring dashboard in their administrative portal.
Maka SIL & Group Home

Project Overview

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  • Custom Website
  • Custom Software
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  • 6 months
  • Ongoing hosting and maintenance support
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  • Streamlined the employee onboarding process by moving from physical to digital documentation
  • Developed and implemented a custom system for managing employee documentation and annual forms
  • Redesigned the website to more effectively communicate Maka's services and target audience
  • Developed a user-friendly portal for employees to access and complete necessary forms, simplifying administrative tasks for staff and management
Maka SIL & Group Home


Digitization and Automation of Employee Onboarding Process

The primary objective was to transition from physical to digital onboarding forms, automating the process to enhance efficiency, reduce risks associated with physical document loss, and streamline employee progress management.

Developing a Custom Employee Management System

We aimed to create a comprehensive system that would not only facilitate the onboarding of new hires but also manage annual form submissions and employee documentation.

Designing a New Website for Service Presentation and Recruitment

Another key goal was to design a new website that accurately communicates Maka's services and reaches their target audience. The site needed to feature job listings and allow potential employees to apply directly online, thereby improving the talent acquisition process.

Implementing an Integrated Employee Portal

We also aimed to implement an employee portal where both new and existing employees could easily access and complete required forms, with hiring managers able to efficiently track and manage these submissions.

Screenshot of the admin dashboard in Maka's employee portal.

Client Testimonial

" My company began working with CR Software Solutions for purposes of website and application development. My goal was to streamline our hiring process and to build a website that was secure, professional, concise, and aesthetically pleasing. CR Software Solutions, met all of my expectations. "

Evonne W.
Director, Maka SIL & Group Home


Solutions & Implementation

Digitizing the Onboarding Process

We developed a system to transition Maka Group's employee onboarding from a physical to a digital format. This system automated the collection, filing, and management of dozens of onboarding and annual forms, enhancing efficiency and security.

Custom Employee Management System Development

A custom employee management system was created to streamline the onboarding of new hires and manage ongoing employee documentation needs, including annual form submissions.

Website Redesign for Service and Recruitment

We redesigned Maka's website to better communicate their services and target audience. The website now includes an integrated job listing and application feature, allowing potential employees to apply directly online, simplifying the recruitment process.

Integrated Employee Portal Implementation

We designed and developed employee portal, enabling both new and existing staff to easily access, complete, and submit required forms digitally. The portal also allows hiring managers to track and manage these submissions effectively.

Screenshot of job posting on Maka's website.

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