Custom Website & Digital Marketing for In-Home Healthcare Company

In our collaboration with Avalon Physician Services, we undertook a comprehensive redesign of their website to transform it into a dynamic, lead-generating platform. Our focus was on aligning the design with Avalon's existing brand while catering to their specific target audiences: senior patients, senior care facilities, and prospective employees. Key to this project was highlighting Avalon's unique position in the in-home healthcare market, distinctly setting them apart from traditional healthcare providers. Post-launch, Avalon witnessed a substantial increase in website traffic and user engagement, a testament to the site's enhanced accessibility and user-focused design.

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Avalon Physician Services

Project Overview

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  • UI/UX Design
  • Custom Website
  • Digital Marketing
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  • 1 year
  • Ongoing hosting and maintenance support
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  • Transformed the website into a modern, lead-generating platform
  • Achieved a notable uptick in site visits and user interaction post-launch
  • Implemented a strong SEO strategy, enhancing the site's visibility and search rankings
  • Integrated Google Analytics for insightful data tracking and marketing strategy


Website Redesign for Lead Generation

The primary goal was to transform Avalon's website into a lead-generating platform, addressing issues of outdated content, broken links, and stale design.

Target Audience-Focused Content

We aimed to develop content that resonated with Avalon's three key demographics: senior patients, senior care facilities, and potential employees, ensuring relevance and engagement for each group.

Highlighting Niche Market Services

A significant objective was to emphasize Avalon's specialization in in-home care, distinguishing them from other primary care providers and underlining their unique services in the healthcare market.

Accessibility and User Engagement

Building the site with accessibility in mind was crucial, including clear calls to action and comprehensive service information to cater to a diverse audience.

Building Trust Through Testimonials and Staff Bios

Incorporating curated testimonials and detailed bio pages for Avalon's care team was intended to foster trust and familiarity, encouraging potential patients to schedule appointments.

Post-Launch Digital Marketing Initiatives

After the website launch, our focus shifted to digital marketing. This included crafting a PPC ad campaign and a monthly SEO strategy, featuring directory site listings and a blog to bolster Avalon's online presence and attract new patients.

Screenshot of services overview section on Avalon website

Solutions & Implementation

Collaborative Design Process

We worked closely with Avalon during the design phase of the project. We hosted weekly virtual checkins where we discussed the design process and showcased the mockups we developed to illustrate the new site's design and aesthetic. Avalon provided feedback at each stage of the process, ensuring that the final product met their expectations.

Website Traffic and Engagement Improvement

Post-launch, Avalon experienced a significant increase in website traffic and user engagement. This was a direct result of the redesigned website which was more informative, user-friendly, and aligned with the needs of their audience.

SEO-Focused Development

Throughout the development phase, we prioritized SEO, focusing on technical aspects to ensure the site was optimized for search engines from the outset.

Analytics Integration for Data-Driven Marketing

We integrated Google Analytics and Search Console into the website. This allows for comprehensive data tracking, providing Avalon with valuable insights to inform future marketing strategies and decisions.

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