The On Earth Counseling Project

HIPAA-Compliant Patient & Therapist Portals for Counseling Practice

Our engagement with TOECP has spanned multiple years and consisted of several phases. We created therapist and administrative portals for efficient management of schedules, client appointments, and advanced reporting functionalities. We also built a client portal for seamless scheduling, billing access, and digitized form submissions. Key integrations included Square for client payments, Twilio and SendGrid for appointment reminders and notifications, and Waystar for in-house claim management, all underpinned by a secure, HIPAA-compliant data infrastructure. This multi-part solution significantly streamlined TOECP's operations, enhancing both client and staff experiences.

Screenshot of TOECP's therapist portal on multiple devices
The On Earth Counseling Project

Project Overview

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  • UI/UX Design
  • Custom Website
  • Custom Software
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  • 2 years
  • Ongoing development work
  • Ongoing hosting and maintenance support
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  • Developed specialized web portals for staff efficiency
  • Developed client portal for appointment and billing management
  • Automated client onboarding with digital form submissions
  • Established a robust internal billing and claim management system


Enhancing Digital Infrastructure

Our initial focus was to migrate the TOECP website from a third-party website builder to a custom-built solution, without heavily modifying the UI design existing clients had come to know. We also worked with TOECP to update the site content to better reflect their services and ethos.

Developing Integrated Therapist and Administrative Portals

A key goal was to create a comprehensive portal for therapists and administrators. These portals were designed to streamline appointment scheduling, client reminders, and reporting functionalities, thereby enhancing operational efficiency.

Launching a Client-Focused Portal

We aimed to develop a client portal that would empower clients with the ability to schedule & manage appointments, access billing information, and submit necessary personal and insurance details (via a digital onboarding process), ensuring a seamless user experience.

Advancing In-House Billing Capabilities

We were recently tasked with developing an in-house claim management system. This system was intended to automate their billing processes, reducing reliance on external billing services and optimizing financial operations.

Upholding Data Security and Compliance

Throughout all phases of our engagement, maintaining stringent HIPAA compliance and ensuring the utmost security of patient data were paramount. This involved implementing robust security measures to protect sensitive client information.

Screenshot of in-app claims page

Solutions & Implementation

Custom Portal Development

We developed bespoke portals for therapists, administrators, and clients, each tailored to meet the specific operational needs of TOECP. This included features for scheduling, client management, and reporting.

Advanced API and Data Warehousing

A custom API and a HIPAA-compliant, encrypted data warehouse were created to support the functionality of these portals.

Integration of Payment and Communication Services

We integrated Square for client payments, Twilio for text message reminders, and SendGrid for email reminders, ensuring seamless communication and transaction processes.

Custom Digital Onboarding for Clients

We digitized The On Earth Counseling Project's client onboarding process, allowing clients to fill out the required forms digitally, and upload insurance information and other documents securely.

Claim Management System Development

We established a batch file creation process for claim management, sending formatted claims daily to Waystar via SFTP. Additionally, we configured real-time communication with Waystar's API for up-to-date claim submission status, and client insurance verification.

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