Custom Web Application & Data Analytics Engine for Startup

We partnered with Passicity, a racing analytics startup, to create a custom web application and a robust analytics engine. This project included creating a web application, creating a custom API for comprehensive race analytics, and developing an advanced logic engine for detailed race result processing. Our solution transformed how race organizers and participants access and interact with race data, offering full-field performance insights and enhancing user engagement with the sport. This endeavor significantly elevated Passicity's capabilities in delivering inclusive and detailed analytics to every race participant.

Screenshot of Passicity's home page on multiple devices.

Project Overview

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  • Branding
  • Custom Website
  • Custom Software
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  • 6 months
  • Ongoing consulting and maintenance support
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  • Developed comprehensive analytics web application
  • Built a sophisticated engine for detailed race result processing
  • Built custom API for enhanced race data accessibility
  • Utilized AWS for scalable hosting of the solutions


Developing a Full-Field Analytics Web Application

Our main objective was to develop a comprehensive web application for Passicity, catering to race organizers. This platform was designed to facilitate the uploading, viewing, and editing of race results.

Building an Advanced Analytics Engine

A critical goal was to create an analytics engine that would process uploaded results. This engine needed to perform complex algorithms to calculate detailed results, trophies, and metrics for all participants, not just the top few.

Creating a Custom API for Enhanced Accessibility

We aimed to develop a custom API for the analytics engine. This API was intended to provide users with the ability to perform detailed participant comparisons, access specific results, and conduct additional analytics, thereby enriching the user experience and broadening the scope of analysis.

Screenshot of Passicity Organizer application events page.

Client Testimonial

" The thing I appreciated the most about my engagement with CR Software Solutions is their attentive care and rapid responses to my feedback or changes. We were trying to deliver on a tight timeline and encountered some last-minute hurdles, challenges, and changes and they were open-minded and ready to tackle the work as needed. "

Ben S.
Founder, Passicity


Solutions & Implementation

Design Collaboration and Iteration

We collaborated closely with Passicity, aligning our web application designs with their existing branding. Through multiple iterations, including adjustments in the development phase, we ensured the design evolved alongside the company's growth.

Understanding Analytics Requirements

Our development team worked in tandem with Passicity to comprehend the intricacies of the race results engine. This involved mapping out a custom API that would integrate with various platforms, including race organizer and participant applications, and potential third-party interfaces.

Developing the Race Analytics Engine and API

We constructed the race analytics engine, focusing on the logic required for processing race results. Parallelly, we developed a custom API, ensuring it catered to the needs of organizers, participants, and external developers. The engine is capable of processing and analyzing millions of participant comparisons.

Providing API Documentation and Hosting Solutions

Detailed API documentation was created and shared, enabling easy access and integration for various development teams. We utilized AWS for hosting the API, the organizer web application, and the results database, ensuring robust and scalable infrastructure.

Screenshot of Passicity Participant application that utilizes the custom API we built.

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